With this brochure, learn how SIEM and SOC can effectively detect and analyze potential security threats in real time, providing expert guidance and support from the OTAVA team. Enhance your business security posture with the necessary expertise, regulatory compliance, and monitoring to succeed.


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What makes OTAVA® SIEM & SOC different?

At OTAVA®, we attack security across every touchpoint, including people, places, and policies.

Intelligence _ Insight
Fast Ingestion and Indexing

Improve your MTTD (mean time to detection). Data is indexed as it’s ingested, giving you access to correlation and search functionalities in seconds, not hours.

Network Security
Security Control Validation

Ensures the recommended resolution has been applied and that the overall issue is fixed.


Normalized Data

OTAVA normalizes data ingested by the SIEM, tuning the alerts to make them highly actionable.


Team Biography
Role-Based Access Control

Set privileges and permissions to give secure access to authorized users, allowing them to see the data they need.


What our clients are saying:

We are dedicated to providing people-centered services that solve your unique business challenges. Don’t just take our word for it.



"Before this migration, we had business opportunities that we had to turn away because we didn't have all the necessary underlying hosting certifications.

This solution has opened up our capability to interact with almost any client"

- Adam Goslin, CEO, TCT



"OTAVA's hybrid cloud solutions are fully managed by their team of experts, which gives us the confidence that we will avoid any potential costly disruption to our business and frees us up to focus on delivering excellent service to our customers."

- Michael Franklin, Ph.D., Director of IT, Evans Distribution Systems