What Do You Need in a PCI Compliant Data Center?

The internet is flowing with sensitive identity and payment information. The PCI DSS standard is designed to protect this data and every company that accepts credit card payments must be PCI compliant. If you don’t meet the standard, you risk steep fines, a damaged reputation and lost customers. If you’re outsourcing your IT infrastructure, your data center must also be PCI compliant.

Otava's PCI Cloud Compliant Hosting White Paper reveals how the PCI DSS standard impacts data centers. You’ll find out how to make smart choices and discover what to look for in a hosting provider.

  • Find out how a PCI compliant data center protects your data.
  • Understand the contractual requirements a PCI compliant data center must live up to.
  • Discover the benefits of data center outsourcing.
  • Know the most important criteria for selecting a data center.

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